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On a recent visit to Devon I had intended on hitting the beach and the waves. Unfortunately as is often the case with our fickle English weather the swell was big and the winds off shore. In other words it was a big blown out mess and only … Read More

You’ll find this place opposite the local bus stop next to the bus station in Weligama. The menu features an almost bamboozling array food and beverages. You’ll find almost every tropical fruit known to man on the menu, which you can combine to create an almost infinite choice. Fancy a … Read More

The village of Gurubebila is situated in the south of Sri Lanka, just off the A2 Matara Road about 3km from Weligama. You’ll find three surf breaks at the end of a dirt road that opens up onto a village green where you’ll find a coconut stall and locals playing … Read More

So this could be the last time in a while on a hard tail mountain bike. After 7 years I’ve decided to upgrade to a full suser. I’m fed up of being the one at the back on the crap bike feeling every rut, bump and root. … Read More

There’s nothing better to get the weekend going than a mountain bike blast on a Saturday morning. It blows away all thoughts of work and the stresses of life. This particular Saturday was a crisp December morning cold to the bone but bright as a button.

This particular morning my feet … Read More

They say that the early bird catches the worm. Today I was the early bird waking at 6:45am on a Sunday! There are only two reasons to get up so early on the day of rest mountain biking or surfing. Having fixed a snakebite puncture yesterday evening I was relieved to … Read More

Back in the 1990s I had the first version of the crud catcher mudguard. It proved invaluable for keeping mud out of a mountain bikers face. Until recently I had resisted buying mudguards for the vain reason that I thought they looked rubbish. However after many rides getting wet, cold … Read More

With the weather taking a decidedly colder turn in the last month I’m dreaming of warmer climes. Currently I’m thinking of returning to Sri Lanka where the waves are mellow, the surfing is laid back and the weather is almost as hot as the curries. I’ll write more about my … Read More

A couple of weekends ago I went to visit my friends Jon and Jax in North Devon. They set up home in Ilfracombe a couple of years ago. Allowing them and their young family plenty of sea air. It’s great to visit them, as they are … Read More

There’s nothing I hate more on a mountain bike than wet feet! It’s the perennial problem us mountain bikers face in the autumn and winter months, especially in the Chilterns or the surrounding clay vales. Wet feet means cold feet and when you’re 10 miles from home that’s no fun … Read More

Ever since I did the London to Brighton Off Road in September I have been nursing a hamstring injury. I’ve only been out on a bike once since then. On that other occasion I had the pleasure of riding a full suspension demo bike that I borrowed from … Read More

On September 20th 2014 I completed the London to Brighton Off Road in aid of the British Heart Foundation